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Being Driven is easy...

I’m right in the middle of writing a chapter for a collaborative coaching book – and my chapter is about Work-Life Harmony. Not Balance…Harmony.

Why do I highlight the difference between Balance and Harmony there? Because it’s like the difference between analog and digital.

Work-Life Balance is an older, outdated model. Linear. From the thinking that everything deserves a certain amount of time, but just with different allocations. And that every day and every week could look basically the same. Carbon copied.

Work-Life Harmony is a different paradigm. Expansive. It is based on intention. Purpose. Boundaries. Clarity. Priorities. And drive. It’s the upgrade. It works better.

You see, deeply driven, high performers understand this concept. That aligned purpose and mission are as deeply important as anything. Occasionally, MOST important.

Drive is accelerated by purpose. Purpose provides clarity. Urgency tethers to your purpose & mission and sparks up when you are aligned with where you feel you are supposed to be going.

To distinguish between purpose and mission – purpose would be like (for me for example) helping others live a more meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling daily life. Whereas my mission is to do that through Coaching.

When purpose and mission are clear, it’s like a strong electromagnetic pull that guides in the most aligned and fulfilling way. It makes you driven.

And when you have that force working through you, there is clarity about how to take that and transform it into your schedule. Your priorities. Your boundaries. Your needle-moving ‘to-do’ items. What you say ‘YES’ to and what (and who!) you learn to say a guilt-free ‘NO’ to.

It’s liberating when you can live by the maxim, “It’s either a hell-YES! ...or it’s a hell no!”

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or professional and feel purpose, mission, clarity, drive, freedom, autonomy, mastery and confidence are lacking or below where you want them for you – email me and book a free conversation to dig at this some more. There’s so much gold waiting to be mined here for you.

And if you are looking for a way to stickhandle through finding clarity and purpose and drive on your own (which, I will honestly say is tough but not impossible...) - journal on this question: What are the times and memories in my life where I felt most inspired, aligned, purposeful and driven? If you can come up with 5-10 such examples from your life, then journal on what the common thread is that unites these experiences. You'll have some gold right there!

And last, last thing...if you're like, "that's a great idea I wanna do that", and are not going to do it right now, then make a note to yourself to do it this weekend. If you go 2-3 days and still haven't done it, it'll get forgotten about until months (or sometimes years!) later. Opportunity knocks...will you answer.

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