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Are you Insane?!

Are you insane?!

Stay with me for second... you've probably heard Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

So again I ask, "Are you insane?"

I've definitely been insane. In all areas of my life at some point in time or another.

Funny story - I used to think I could 'outrun' my poor nutrition habits by getting to the gym twice a day on days I didn't have my sons. Within a few months that became unsustainable and I had to accept that if I really wanted better results, I had to cut out daily chocolate almonds, and that extra beer on the weekend (or three).

I've also been insane with respect to my communication habits in past. Believing my inner judge that said I always should be the "right" side of the argument. I was insane for years!

Not that I get it perfect...not by any stretch. The awareness and openness to doing things differently has definitely changed my life though.

So I ask you for the final time, "Are you insane?" And if so, which aspect of your life are you the most rigid and in need of seeking a different way through a problem.

It's always fascinating to me how speaking to life a problem also speaks to life different alternatives for solutions.

And sharing a different viewpoint as a High Performance Coach can open up ideas for my clients that they never considered before. You just don't know what you just don't know. You have blindspots. I have blindspots. Together, we have many fewer blindspots! The power of present, open, reflective conversation is most definitely a Jedi force.

If you're feeling stuck and burned out on a certain problem or sticking point, and you trust that speaking with me will help, contact me and we'll have a no-obligation chat about it. You don't need to hire me for a single conversation... that's just how I roll. At your service.

Email, or my community members here can always text me direct & confidential at 250.668.7081.

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