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I avoid the word ‘Perfect’…but this situation worked out Perfect!

Perhaps you recall just before Christmas I put out a call for any emerging local entrepreneurs who needed to get UNSTUCK to apply for my special 3-month Scholarship, in honour of my late father, Bob, who was a lifelong entrepreneur. 

He died during the pandemic from complications of Dementia - and we miss him so much – and I felt inspired to do something that he would smile about.

The Scholarship is my full, weekly entrepreneur coaching program – using all the personal development and business building tools and coaching how to do business much stronger and better!   So that they can build the dream business they always envisioned.

When I ‘put it out there’ in December I honestly had no idea if I would even get one response.   It’s not a massive population area.   And my network is only so big.   And ‘emerging’ entrepreneur – who is going to connect with that statement enough to apply, I wondered?

I just had to post it though…Dad’s spirit wouldn’t let me chicken out.

Well, I DID get a handful of responses!    And one in particular was absolutely perfect! 

She is a solopreneur and started her business during the pandemic – and it’s been a struggle.   The part, though, that absolutely grabbed me by the heartstrings was how her father, who passed several years ago, was so instrumental in her decision to start her business.   He was her biggest cheerleader and fan!   And he still inspires her in business every single day.

Her email jumped off the page and instantly grabbed me.  It was a no-brainer.

And here we are, her and I, ½ way through her 3 month program.   She is grinding!   She is growing!   She is learning!   She is becoming the next level version of herself.   All right in front of me.  It’s inspiring to watch.

And what’s most impressive to me is how she juggles all that is going on in her world and still keeps showing up 100%!   Change of this magnitude – involving Identity shifting – does not happen fast.   It takes buckling in and withstanding the turbulence.    Full commitment.  Courage.  Vulnerability.

I wondered if, by giving away free coaching, there would be less commitment.   I can say resolutely that no, that is definitely not the case.  

In honour of her and her commitment, and the growth she is going through, I have a question for you.

What are you only half-committing to right now that you need to go “all in” on?  What (or who?) are you only giving 'some' attention to that deserves more?

I bet you come up with something PDQ!    Have a look at your schedule this week/month and schedule that thing in with full commitment!   I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Much of what I do is in honour of my dad, who died too young, and would have loved to see what his family is getting up to.   And much of what my client does is inspired by her father.  

Who can you channel to inspire you more?   To drive your commitment way up!   What would they say to you right now to lift you up if they were right in front of you?   Channel that.  Make it real.  Drive your commitment.

If you're feeling stuck somewhere or want to play a bigger & better game contact me and we'll have a conversation. Email me at or schedule your free Discovery call at

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