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Imposter Syndrome is beatable! Here's how...

What is this term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ we’re hearing more and more? Is it a real thing? Why do I feel self-doubt when taking on new projects or growing into new skills?

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners alot and this ‘Imposter Syndrome’ term keeps coming up. Imposter Syndrome is basically self-doubt.

First off, self-doubt is obviously not new. Been around since humans have been. Putting a catchy title to it is fashionable though. However, the struggle is real!

More importantly, it’s key to understand self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome so that you can stickhandle around it, move through it, and get that (new) shit done!

It makes total sense that any one of us, starting something new or being asked to perform a new task/project, would feel uneasy about it. Doubt creeps in when we’re unsure and uncertain about the ‘how’.

It’s also important to note the role of your inner ‘Perfectionist’ and ‘People Pleaser’ voices in amplifying Imposter Syndrome and self doubt. I mean, think about it…if some childhood / survival experiences, trauma, or even adult experiences built your Perfectionist and/or People Pleaser voices big to help you through it, then now you add some new task to perform – what do you think is going to be the result? A need to be perfect. A need to impress the other person for fear of rejection. Self-doubt, no doubt!

Best way to deal with self-doubt or Imposter Syndrome? Follow these 5 steps:

1. Take the metaphorical step back and breathe and remember that everything works out. And specifically think about why this new project or skill is important to you - a few layers deep.

2. Manage your Perfectionist & People Pleaser voices – recognize when they pipe up, acknowledge them (they just wanna help - it's the only way they know how), and let them know you’ve got it handled and will take care of it (yes, weird inner dialogue, and it totally fricken works)

3. Break your new task/project down into bite-sized pieces

4. Understand you build your confidence and competence simply by learning through doing (which does require some courage to move through the resistance, for sure)

5. Do the bite-sized action steps!

This simple 5-step cycle is a valuable positive feedback loop that continues to spiral upwards in terms of super-boosting courage, clarity, & confidence ...and actually getting the important stuff done! It's YOU for the WIN over Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt.


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