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The First Official Coaching with Chris Blog...

Hello everyone! And welcome to my very first Chris Wilkinson Coaching blog post. Now it’s not really my first ever blog…as I’ve written a monthly column for the local paper for over 15 years…but this is different. This represents my next chapter. My passion project. Serving others to help them live their best life! All of my previous learning and experiences, education and training, all serve my greater purpose – Coaching others.

A little about me… I’ve started or co-created 5 companies to this point - the biggest for the last 15 years. I helped coach my sons’ hockey teams for over 10 years. I eagerly give presentations in front of groups of people. I’ve run a local hockey team. I started a book club. I’ve been the President of a BNI chapter, a Toastmasters club, and a Franchise Advisory Council (twice!). And still it took time (after resistance from within!) to identify as a Leader. …it wasn’t that long ago I had a hard time identifying as a ‘Leader’. Now, the thing I love doing most is helping others grow, gain insights into their success, make FASTER progress, and gain bigtime impact in their lives!!

So now you know a little about me and why I do what I do. Learning, Growth, and Giving back are high on my personal needs list. No surprise I’m a Coach, right?!

The purpose of this Blog will also be to serve. And with all that said above as a bridge from the intro to the action, let’s get to it! Each blog will share an insight and a takeaway. Today’s insight is what I think makes a GREAT Coach. There's a powerful ACTION step to go with it too!

A Great Coach maintains presence and Coach position (listening deeply, curious, non-judgmental, caring, impartial, partnership); is there to powerfully serve the client in evoking awareness, learning, growth, gaining insight, and impact; challenges the client, where appropriate, to get uncomfortable and push out the comfort zone and gain new insights; and has an intangible talent for connecting and reaching the client on a deeper level, within a framework of trust and safety. A Great Coach leans into their intuition at times to ask evocative questions. And a Great Coach leads by example with habits, routines, energy, thought time, health, learning & growth, and serving others.

Today’s ACTION step for YOU … think about which area of your life that, if you experienced a powerful shift, would create a powerful shift in the other areas of your life as well. For example, if a positive shift in your health would create the energy to start something you’ve been thinking about for way too long, then perhaps it’s time to start with one simple step with a new health habit. Or perhaps it’s a courageous conversation that needs to happen to unload a heavy burden of something un-said, which will, in turn make you feel so much lighter, then energized. Start with the first step. Get it going.

And lastly, because it’s my first ever blog here – a gift for each of you! No strings. No selling! If you’d like to take advantage of a free coaching session with me, I’d be honoured. If you’ve never experienced Life Coaching before, take it as your ‘growth moment’ for this week and pamper yourself with a coaching session. I promise you’ll gain value from it. Confidence. Clarity. Growth. Impact. It’s yours if you want it.

Email to get started.

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