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We have less time than we think we do, and we get less done than we think we can!

In Brendon Burchard's best selling coaching book, The High Performance Habits, he describes how his research on thousands of high performers has shown how we commonly believe we have more time we actually do, and we believe we can get more done that we actually can in the time we do have! That's a double whammy!

What's the take home message here?

You must get clear on what it is you want & need to achieve this year, this quarter, this month, this week and this day. Even this hour.

When you have ultimate clarity for what you do want, you ALSO have more clarity for what you don't want. And don't need. And you spend your time with more intention. And fewer distractions penetrate your intention. With less worry and wasted mental energy. So that you can feel more productive and accomplished.

A simple way to get clear on your priorities that doesn't take that long... sit down and write out your TOP 5 priorities for the year; for the quarter; for the month; and for the week. Often they flow right out of you and take little time.

Write out a quick where it's not already obvious. Each week (I suggest Friday before you end your day and break for the weekend), write the TOP 5 for the following week.

Each afternoon/evening before you wrap for the day, make your TOP 5 for tomorrow based on your weekly list.

Take it from me - you will NOT get your TOP 5 done each day. And you don't need to. You tackle the top 1 first. Then #2. Then #3 if you're lucky. And if #4 and #5 are still important enough to carry over, then you do. Often they take care of themselves, or just aren't really that important after a couple days of things shifting...

This is a great system for business / work, AND you can also use the same simple & effective system for your personal life & health. Or relationships. Or other valuable areas of your life.

As you can see below - one of my TOP 5 for this quarter is to be more consistent and adventurous with my outdoor activity & visiting friends. The science behind cold plunges convinced me I wanted to give that more attention. And it felt GREAT!! A 30k round trip to the trestle, a hike up the trail, and a cold water dip.

If you're willing to give the TOP 5 system a chance, you'll find more clarity, less distraction and worry, and more confidence in your action. That produces an intention and peace that is truly fulfilling.

Have fun with it!

And let me know if you want some support with it. Single conversations have no obligations.

To your Performance,

Coach Chris

P.S. If you're feeling stuck somewhere or want to play a bigger & better game contact me and we'll have a no-obligation chat about it. You don't need to hire me for a single conversation... that's just how I roll. At your service.

Email to reach me direct & confidential.

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