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We talkin bout Practice?!?

Embrace a daily practice to experience your best

Practice; Faster; Progress

The word "Practice" has become one of my favourites. It has duality to it - double entendre. My Chris Wilkinson Coaching 'Practice', yes. Yet for today's purposes, the verb / action version of practice is rooted in ACTION!

Yesterday I wrote on social about how we get to choose our emotions. Most people don't though.

The truth is, most people allow the situations and people around them to dictate how they are feeling in the moment - and it's so important because these moments add up to be the quality of your day. It has been my experience with most people that maaaaayyyyybe 50% of the day is spent in positive emotion. Which leads to a mediocre (at best!) day. And less than 5% of the day is spent being intentional about which emotion wants to be channeled.

Wouldn't you like to feel 75-90% of your day as satisfying and enjoyable? For real.

Or does your ego tell you in this moment that isn't possible? It's Pollyanna nonsense. Or maybe that it doesn't matter that much? ...and are you able to separate your clearest thoughts from your ego here?

Channel the emotion you WANT!

Let's Practice!

Pick the emotion right now that you want to be feeling more of. I'll do it with you here in the moment alongside you. Today, mine is enjoyment. I am simply going to enjoy the process and the interactions and the work today.

I can channel the feeling of enjoyment immediately because I've practiced it alot. It's much like selecting a song to play. Now you channel your desired emotion and remember exactly how it feels in your body. Positive emotions often start in your upper abdomen and chest.

If you are having any difficultly channeling it, remember a time that you experienced it and associate into that memory and feeling; or look at an image that you know gives you that feeling. Or put on a song that instantly gives you that groove.

Now imagine how your day will unfold with you in this positive state 75-90% of your day! What's your feeling about how productive you'll be? How enjoyable to be around you'll be. How good your energy will feel. How quiet your inner critic and judge will be. How calm you'll be. And how it will positively effect those most important to you. Sit with that for a moment...

How to make it a PRACTICE

End by appreciating the fact that you just channeled your positive state! Appreciate that you just hacked your emotional system, authentically, and deepened your understanding that YOU actually control your emotions. It's totally up to you! You can increase how often you feel any positive emotion, with yup, Practice!

Make this a regular practice by setting a reminder for yourself every few hours (or more if you want to really nail it fast!), or by habit stacking it with anything else you do regularly through the day already - and simply associate them together to build the new positive habit.

The impact this makes on the quality of your day is positively mindblowing!

As Tony Robbins says, "The quality of your emotions is the quality of your life!"

So I say, "Choose them!"

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