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Growth requires these 3 Factors!

I was away at a retreat this past weekend in Boulder, Colorado hosted by my mentor coach, Jason Moss.   What a beautiful place.  And so many great insights shared amongst the group of leader coaches.  Unforgettable!

A topic we spent significant time around though was growth.   Not just personal growth, but income growth.  Money growth.  Business growth.  

And the 3 primary factors that need to be present for faster growth (in any area of your life) are Clarity, Commitment, and Certainty.



Clarity is the simplest factor to understand.   But not as easy to implement.   Most people, when asked what it is that they want, start by explaining what they don’t want.   Not only is that unclear for your goals and actions, but close to zero awareness and attraction of what you DO want is signalling out from you.   The message is lost.  And therefore, the opportunity is lost.  What do you want??



Commitment is often understood logically, but most don’t know what commitment really takes.   You could say, “I am committed!” but then to shadow you for a day or a week would leave question marks as to what actions supported the commitment.  

What is it that you want it so bad, you are willing to go rogue to achieve it?!   To do something different than you currently are.   If it’s nothing – you are right where you’re going to be next month, quarter, and year.   If that’s what you want – great!



And lastly, Certainty.   This is personally the factor that I was puzzled by the most at first.   Like, how do I build my Certainty?   When I did some research and answers like meditation, journaling, visualization, frequent (daily) goal review, making goals smaller and attainable, keeping promises made to self, surround with support, and celebrating wins all came up – it started to make sense.  

These contributors to Certainty are the same contributors to many high performance habits. 

One particular habit that caught my attention is meditation.   I have played with it a bit but haven’t been committed enough to make it a daily habit.   That changes this week.   And what really brought it home for me was when one of my colleagues at the retreat, Nadja, stated how in her time as a high level executive at Microsoft, she observed that 95% of the leaders she worked with were burned out and overwhelmed – and that the other 5% meditated.   

It was quite a poignant statement and her timing was perfect for me.  

Take what you want from the above nuggets.    I share it for you to consider, or leave, with the intention that if you are elevating your game, something above will resonate.

I’m off to meditate for 5 minutes.   Until next time…

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