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This moment still gives me chills!

Wendy Bowen

This is gonna sound crazy to you...

I had a moment a few days ago that I will NEVER EVER forget.

Perhaps you saw the reel I made about it late last week in the moments after it happened.  

It still brings chills to the back of my neck.   Let me share it with you…

Wendy Bowen was an amazing human and Physiotherapist extraordinaire.   She was always studying or practicing and honing her craft – helping others heal through her work.   And she was much more.   An author, a speaker, an elite level hockey player who played at the college level, a connector, a daughter, an aunty, a friend, and a mentor.

She had a word to describe herself (tongue firmly in cheek): Flawbulous!

I was fortunate to have her as an early mentor.

She was my first boss after my university days.   She hired me into my first “career” position.  

And she became my first real mentor.  

I saw her constantly learning, rocking her job, continuing to play hockey, competing in triathlons, eating well, reading often, adventuring on weekends – in hindsight I didn’t take full advantage of the mentorship and leadership that was on display for living the good life. 

But she knew I looked up to her and admired her.  

Although we didn’t get to see each other very often when I moved on to another position, we would catch up occasionally and I would ask her questions and see what she was learning about next.   She took a deep dive into spiritual learning in 40s and attended a mystical tour of Spain in 2018 to continue her spiritual journey.   I deeply admired that too!

Unfortunately, Wendy didn’t get to fully explore her journey here as she was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2020, which eventually took her on November 15, 2021. 

It was a big shock to our entire community.

Wendy was a rock in our community.   Involved.  Engaged.   Known and loved by everyone who met her through her clinic and other adventures.   She was so active and healthy it was a real headscratcher to us all to hear her diagnosis.   And even more shocking that it physically beat her. 

But Wendy continues to inspire and mentor.

The Moment

This story took a turn last week when she appeared in my dream for a flash moment.  

She was standing right in front of me and we were talking and she gently grabbed me by both forearms and said something like, “it’s from flowering”.   The word “flowering” clearly stuck out to me when I woke up what seemed like just moments later.  

I thought about that word flowering for a couple of days…but it was starting to leave my conscious memory when I couldn't find a connector.  

During those same couple of days, I found myself downtown walking around while I had 20 minutes to burn before a quick appointment.   I was drawn to the local bookstore.   I felt the pull.   I was reviewing a few books and one in particular seemed visually attractive with an interesting title, and the contents were interesting too.   So I bought it.   ‘Spiritual Anatomy’.

I took it home and the next day was reading page 18 and in that moment the flash of lightning hit me!   The words on the page jumped!   “Life is an opportunity to fulfill our potential.  Sadly, most of us remain as potential, a seed that never germinates to become a flower.   Flowering in a human being is what we call realization.   In order to flower, we must become vulnerable, authentic, and open to change.”

It was the weirdest feeling.   All I could do was look out the window, through the trees, and up at the mixed sun & cloud skies.   I had chills.   And I felt like something amazing had just taken place.

This was too much of a coincidence for me.   I have chills again typing this right now.   Just as I did filming the reel I posted in the moments after.

The Lesson

I have chosen to accept this as a message.   From my mentor Wendy who still reaches out from beyond.   A message that I should continue to challenge myself to be even more vulnerable, authentic, and open to change.  

I feel mighty authentic…but always room for more.   And increasingly vulnerable with ongoing practice – that I pledge to continue.  But it's the ‘open to change’ part that I feel some resistance around.   Resistance I’ll continue to work on and understand.   Going with the divine plan for my life.   My purpose is to lift others up through my own experiences, expertise, and coaching.   Let’s see where this goes next!

And to make it super relevant to you – I challenge you to do the same.    Wherever you are with your own vulnerability, authenticity, and openness to change – see which of those calls to you to strengthen and unleash your truest self even more.   In ways that you know will serve you and those you love more powerfully.  

I’m guessing you already know the answer to that.   Don’t let it go in this moment and the ones that come after.   Keep it with you.   Act on it.

I’m here for a conversation if you need one.

We are all just hear to learn and grow.   And to continue in the direction of our purpose and fulfillment.

Thank you for the nudge, Wendy.  We all still love and miss you.

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