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What do YOU stand for?

Chris Wilkinson Coaching, above all else, stands for 3 things:

1.      Growth

The desire to grow is the #1 thing my clients must bring to our coaching relationship.   Without it we won’t even start coaching.   It’s non-negotiable.  


And that’s not to say that anyone who doesn’t want to grow isn’t worthy.   Maybe it’s just not their growth season.  It’s mostly a timing thing.   If someone feels the pull inside to grow and get better, so that they can make a bigger impact on their family, their circle of influence, their company & team, and/or themselves – then it’s on!


Often we don’t realize it, but we are programmed to learn and grow, because that is what allows us to share our gifts or help others.   What you learn and what you become good at, is what the world needs you to share.   Grow, then give. 


2.      Impact

Grow, then give.   Not at all surprising that someone who understand they were born to coach has impact & contribution in their core values list.   To me, impact represents growing out of my comfort zone and fears to share what my truth is – to those who connect with my message.   To inspire growth in others so that they may do the same in their own way - of their own choosing. 

I believe growth and contributing to others is hardwired into every single one of us.  Some of us listen to it.  Some of us actually express it regularly enough to feel that scratch get itched – and it just feels good.   And some of you are afraid of it.  Ignoring it.  Not yet strong enough to step up into it.   And that’s ok.   For now.  

If left unexpressed and ignored, it will eventually have impact on only one person – you.

I figure it’s best to get started with it now.   Whether it’s time & volunteering, money, content, donating blood, giving away old items to charity, helping with kids sports or arts, helping a neighbour or friend in need, attending a charity run or event – there are so many ways to channel that energy. 

3.      Lifestyle Freedom

Lifestyle Freedom represents these things to me:

  • Doing what you love (whether it’s in your work, or bringing more of it into your extracurricular time)

  • Doing it with people you love and care about

  • Having a positive impact on others in some chosen way

  • Being compensated appropriately for the work and impact you provide

  • Have time for other passions and interests

I feel a deep & calm sense of control and satisfaction when these things are present.  I think this is how we were meant to live.  With deep satisfaction & contentment – along with those around us experiencing the same.  Perhaps you can relate?  Do you crave more of these things, perhaps in your own way?

These 3 values are my core values for Chris Wilkinson Coaching.    And clearly these are core values for me in my personal life as well.   Individual values hold true for any solopreneur venture – you can’t separate the values from the person. 

In reading this, I’m curious what is coming up for you.   Specifically, I wonder if this inspires any thoughts about your own core values.   Are you clear on what they are?   As in, could you recite them to me in under 10 seconds?    And are you expressing your values regularly enough for your own satisfaction and fulfillment.  

I wonder if it is important enough to you to shift or add a small (to start) new habit of expressing one or your core values that hasn’t been receiving enough attention lately.   It’s really quite simple to start with a 5-10 minute activity of your own choosing - even one-time to test it out.

I would also love to hear from you about whether something has come up for you on this important intrinsic topic.   I would really like to hear what action you are going to take for yourself, so that you can be an even more inspired version of yourself.   And what you might find welcoming to hear is that, when you become the next level version of yourself, everyone around you notices (whether they say it or not) and it inspires them as well.   You create a positive ripple effect outward.   And you benefit from that win-win as well.

Reach out if you want some support with your values and how to put them into action.

Be the hero of your own story.   In whatever way that feels right for you.

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