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TOP 5 Factors Influencing Confidence

Confidence builds from Keeping Your Word with Yourself

It was an honour to meet such a great group of leaders – men who manage teams – and lead them through my Coach Approach to Leadership & Communication workshop last week in the Okanagan.

These guys – the moment I walked in the room and got to greet them eye to eye, it was ON.  Growth time!  They were powerfully present and ready to go.   They showed up fully and I could feel that they expected me to do same.   Check!

The level of conversation, openness, and willingness to share was inspiring.   Each of them leaders in their own right.  

We had a full hour long discussion on the morning of Day 2 about confidence.   After researching and also asking ChatGPT for the top 10 influences on confidence gave us nearly 20 options, we held a vote on the most powerful contributors to confidence and here are the self-confidence builders that garnered the most votes:

1.      Nurture your Growth & Positive Mindsets

2.      Clarity in Goals: What Do You Truly Want?

3.      Keep the Promises You Make to Yourself

4.      Mind and Improve Your Self-Talk (inner critic/judge to winning self-talk)

5.      Courage – embrace the struggle, do the thing (bite-sized to start) that you FEAR

There were other notables too, like minding who you let in and spend time with - that is, your support network.   Which really underscores the fact that Confidence is fed by numerous factors – all with a common theme of growth & clarity, self-appreciation & acknowledgement, doing what you say you’ll do, and keeping positive energy around yourself as much as possible.

Which one of these resonates most powerfully for you?   Which one could you take and focus on for a few weeks to boost it up?   Which one, if improved, would make the most impact on your life?

Get to it.

Mentally strong people overcome setbacks with confidence because adversity only makes them better. - Amy Morin

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